About Me.


I am currently working as an interactive design manager, leading a team focused on developing innovative sales & marketing tools for a St. Louis based science and technology company. I am a life-long midwestern who graduated with a BFA in graphic design from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

I have experience working in both corporate and agency environments and across multiple design disciplines. My current work focuses on the design of interactive experiences and user-interfaces, while expanding my experience and knowledge of front-end development.

Past Clients:

Throughout my career I have worked for many great clients, including Xerox, Heinz, Merck & Co, Express Scripts, Safeway, Ameren, Archer, Daniels, & Midland (ADM), Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri, Panera Bread, Sigma-Aldrich, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and many more.